Bachelor’s degree in law (LLB), Tel Aviv University, 2008

Master’s degree in law (LLM), Tel Aviv University, 2011

Military service: Military district defense attorney service and chief military defense attorney’s office.

Recipient of certificate of excellence and appreciation from the unit commander, for unique contribution to the military defense counsel’s office in 2010.

From the first year in which Adv. Avi Finarsky commenced his law studies, he realized that he wanted to use his talents and the knowledge he accumulated in order to defend citizens against the authorities. From the outset, he focused in depth on criminal law and administrative law, in order to be able to make use of his skills and realize his ambitions to the best degree. Apart from the academic focus in the field, he attended a clinic on "Rights in the Criminal Process", meaning that from the third year of his studies, he was studying the practical side of the criminal process, accumulating the relevant experience for this topic, and during that time, he started providing practical assistance to clients in the framework of criminal proceedings that were being conducted against them. In parallel with his studies, he worked as a student in an office dealing with administrative law proceedings.

He spent all of his military service in the Military District Defense Attorney’s Office and in the Chief Military Defense Attorney’s Office, and held the rank of captain (res.) upon discharge. His service as a defense attorney was something he viewed as a true mission and he was not willing to take on any other role, understanding that the Defense Attorney’s Office and representation against an authority were his objectives, and not just a passing phase in his service or career.

In the framework of his service in the Military Defense Attorney’s office, he appeared in thousands of cases covering a broad spectrum of allegations, from failing to report for service, to more severe crimes, economic crimes and homicides.

He used his military service to help other soldiers from the lowest ranks to high ranking officers, broadening and deepening his legal knowledge and practical experience along the way. During his military service in the Military Defense Attorney’s Office, he prosecuted every possible proceeding, appeared in many evidentiary hearings, appeals, arrest hearings and appeals, arraignment hearings, preliminary pleadings, sentencing arguments, and preliminary proceedings.

During his military service, Adv. Finarsky appeared and submitted arguments to all possible forums, starting with the district military courts (including the special military court), through the military appeals courts and right up to the Supreme Court.

He also amassed considerable experience in providing legal counsel in a wide variety of investigations.

During his service with the Military Defense Attorney’s Office, he also served as counsel in administrative proceedings (committees for the release of prisoners, Recruitment Office, drug committees, “210” committees, and more).

The firm of Adv. Avi Finarsky currently represents clients from all over Israel, in civilian and military legal proceedings, both criminal and administrative.